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Florida Trooper Arrests Miami Police Officer in Marked Car for Speeding

Not related to beards, beers or sports…but a pretty crazy and unexpected story.

A Miami Police officer was arrested at gunpoint and charged with
reckless driving after allegedly leading the Florida Highway Patrol on a
seven-minute chase in his squad car at speeds that reached 120 mph on
Florida’s Turnpike in Broward County earlier this month.A highway patrol trooper pulled out her gun to arrest Fausto López, 35, after he reportedly ignored repeated warnings to stop.

López could not be reached for comment. As of Saturday, he was still assigned
to regular duty at the Miami Police Department, said Cmdr. Delrish
Moss, “because at this point it’s a traffic offense.”

The incident, first reported by Univision 23, started at 6:28 a.m.
Oct. 11 on the southbound turnpike at Commercial Boulevard, when a
trooper, identified as D.J. Watts, saw a Miami patrol car switching
lanes in a dangerous manner.Watts turned on her lights and siren but couldn’t reach López, who was driving more than 120 mph, the report said.

At about 6:33 a.m., Watts caught up to López. When she pulled in back of
López’s car, she once again activated her lights and siren, but López
ignored the warnings, according to the report, and kept going.Finally, at 6:35a.m., seven minutes after the start of the high-speed chase, López stopped his car near Hollywood.

An FHP video given to Univision shows Watts approaching López’s car with her gun drawn.

“She drew her gun for her own safety based on the actions of the driver,” said Sgt. Mark Wysocky, an FHP spokesman in Broward.

Watts ordered López to step out of the vehicle, handcuffed and detained him.
As he was getting out of his vehicle, López explained to Watts that he
was driving so quickly because he was late to his off-duty job, which
started at 7 a.m. López was released, but was criminally charged with reckless driving, which is considered a second-degree misdemeanor.

Miami Police spokesman Moss said the Florida Highway Patrol alerted them to the episode right away.

“We immediately launched an administrative investigation,” he said.
“However, we’re taking a back seat, and watching the criminal process as
it takes place. At the conclusion of the criminal process we will take
whatever administrative action we deem necessary.”

Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals and their bearded closer!

BOTW want to congratulate the 2011 World Series Champions, the St. Louis Cardinals for a great year. Could it have been done without this guy and his scruff? Is there a new theme across baseball and closers with whiskers?

User Submission: (from) Greg

Thanks Greg!!  I know these aren’t you, but they’re awesome beards nonetheless…well…maybe not awesome

Little Jimmy and His Beard and Gun (FAT)

Little Jimmy and His Beard..oh and automatic weapon

Uncle Remus and his beard...and awesome teeth

Uncle Remus and his nice ‘stache…and grade A dental work

D’s Picks

I’ll begin by issuing a stern warning.  THESE PICKS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.  I’m not a professional gambler, bookie or odds maker.  I do however have a pretty good track record at ESPN’s Streak For the Cash.

Every week (sometimes more than once a week) I will give you, our loyal readers a few picks for upcoming games that I feel are pretty solid locks.  I’ll keep track of my record as the picks go on so that you guys can heckle me for being terrible or herald me as the second coming of Jimmy the Greek.

Without further adieu, here goes (all NFL this week):

Carolina almost beats really good teams on a weekly basis.  Minnesota struggles to score points against bad teams.  That won’t bode well for the Vikings.  Some people are going nuts for Christian Ponder already, but don’t forget who he’s matching up with in this one.  Cam Newton has shown his share of rookie issues, but he’s the most solid rookie playing in the NFL right now.  Minnesota might have a shot if they can get AP running wild, but Ponder on the road against a team on the rise is a tough match.  Carolina, at home, wins this one easily.

In recent history, the Washington Redskins tend to have a mountain of hype and false hope following them into the start of the season.  This year was no different.  Rex Grossman was declaring the team as NFC East champs, Tim Hightower was supposed to rejuvenate a stale run game and the Shanahans were supposed to finally get everything clicking.  Recent history also shows that this hype tends to fizzle into a sub-.500 record and rumblings for someone’s head.  Well, it’s happening.  Hightower has been stale and is out for the season…Rex is on the bench…Their best 50 year old receiver (Santana Moss) is out with an injury for the next few games.  Let the skid begin.  While I’m not completely buying into Buffalo as a powerhouse, they win this game, way bigger than 6 points.  Fred Jackson, Stevie Johnson and Buffalo’s turnover grabbing defense are too much for the battered, John Beck led Redskins.  Take this one with confidence.

This one pains me to the core.  I grew up an hour outside of Pittsburgh and I am a hardcore Steelers fan.  In my heart I’m saying Steelers all the way.  Unfortunately I say that every week and the last 7 times WE played the Patriots, my heart was wrong 6 times.  I’m going to use my head on this one.  Brady has made punishing the Steelers’ secondary look like a walk in the park way too many times.  The Steelers will put up a fight.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike Wallace gets loose for a long TD, but Brady and his arsenal will prove to be too much for the Steelers’ secondary.  The Patriots, fresh and rested off of a bye week, steal a win in Pittsburgh.  Ugh, that hurts…I hope that I’m wrong.

Oh, if you are wondering the lines are from Vegas Insider


If you think I’m crazy, please comment and let me know.

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Santa Claus on a Motorcycle!
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User Submission: Martin

Thanks for the upload Martin, love the beard!
Monty Martin Beard
Come on guys, send us your beards…we’ll be choosing randoms to receive prizes!

(Sorry Marty, you didn’t win, but thanks for the pic!)

Novembeard is fast approaching and we’re looking for someone to take a shaving kit from us!

Well gentlemen, November is just around the corner and we want to give away a shaving kit from The Art of Shaving to the best Novembeard on the Internet. So what’s the catch you ask? All you have to do is put together a montage of your whiskers throughout the month of November. We’ll take it from there.

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It’s Not All Whiskers Around Here

beer bottle cap

Just a heads up to our new friends, this site isn’t all about beards.  It’s just mostly about beards.  As a gross generalization, we’re assuming that guys with beards are also into sports and beer.  Beards and whiskey go pretty well together as well.  Also, I have a beard and I like to play fantasy football, cards and frequent the casino…so sure, gambling will be covered too.  Seeing that a beard is a hipster requirement, we’ll probably talk about cycling and music that you never heard of as well.  Yeah…let’s be honest here, this is a guy’s blog.

Ooh and cars too…yeah we love cars.

Ooh yeah, guys who like to climb things and sleep in tents usually have beards too…and axes.  Outdoorsy stuff is not off limit either.

In fact, if this thing takes off, I’m thinking we’ll have a huge anniversary party in the woods, complete with blackjack tables, a race track, a velodrome, some pretentious indie bands and of course a rock climbing wall…we’ll have REI, VW, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Jack Daniels and MGM sponsor the event.

Year of the Beard

This one is great. One year of beard growth…and then removal (argh)!

Mike Commodore – A Beard to Fear

One of the best beards in sports

Mike Commodore, an amazing beard

Wings Sign Commie22 – Detroit Sports Nation.