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Matisyahu shaves beard, drama ensues – Celebritology 2.0

Matisyahu - Pre-shave

Matisyahu, the reggae rapper who brought Orthodox Judaism to mainstream music, revealed to theTwitterverse yesterday that he shaved off his trademark beard. 

ok you made your point, now grow it back
OK we get it, you made your point…now grow it back!

Matisyahu shaves beard, drama ensues – Celebritology 2.0 – The Washington Post.

Google ‘s Movember-Inspired Hangout Feature


Over one million mustaches have already been grown for Movember, the social good movement using upper lips to make a visual stand against cancer. Even Google appears to be jumping on board, dropping a nifty video effect into Google+ Hangouts that allows even those incapable of growing interesting facial hair to don their own hipster-tastic ‘stache for November.

Google ‘s Movember-Inspired Hangout Feature.

In (Dis)Honor of the Folded NBA Season


Great, so the NBA season is not happening…for those of you who are hoops fans out there, have a look at The Best Beards in the NBA, Position by Position Bleacher Report.

I have to say, Baron Davis does have an EPIC beard.

Do Good – Remember It’s Movember

Movember Image

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

Click here for more information about Movember.

Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals and their bearded closer!

BOTW want to congratulate the 2011 World Series Champions, the St. Louis Cardinals for a great year. Could it have been done without this guy and his scruff? Is there a new theme across baseball and closers with whiskers?

Novembeard is fast approaching and we’re looking for someone to take a shaving kit from us!

Well gentlemen, November is just around the corner and we want to give away a shaving kit from The Art of Shaving to the best Novembeard on the Internet. So what’s the catch you ask? All you have to do is put together a montage of your whiskers throughout the month of November. We’ll take it from there.

Please make sure to follow these simple rules:
- Take at least a picture/video on/around November 1st cleanly shaven
- Take at least a picture/video on/around November 30th fully engrossed in hair
- Make your submission interesting!
- Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

Welcome to Beards of the World

Hi Everyone! Welcome to (BOTW for short). We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or do anything crazy here. We’re going to bring you funny pictures of beards, beard related news and when necessary serious bearded matters. There will also be some (good) giveaways in the next few weeks. Make sure that you subscribe to us on twitter and “Like” us on facebook so that you can be up to date on what’s going on around here.

ALSO, if you have any pictures of beards – funny, scary, gruesome or crazy…send them our way (see that submit link up there?) and we’ll help you with your quest for internet stardom!

Touch-Control Beard Trimmer Take Us Back to the Eighties | Gadget Lab |

Funny review of a new Remington beard trimmer from the guys over at This thing charged over USB (prob not very useful, but I also don’t have a laptop in my bathroom).

Touch-Control Beard Trimmer Take Us Back to the Eighties | Gadget Lab |


Remington Touch-Control Beard Trimmer


Amish Reel From Bizarre Beard-Cutting Attacks : NPR

Amish rebels are on the loose and chopping off beards!

Sam Mullet, father of two of the three men arrested for allegedly going into the home of other Amish and cutting their hair and beards, is seen outside his home in Bergholz, Ohio. Some who have left Mullet’s community have accused him of abuse.

Amish Reel From Bizarre Beard-Cutting Attacks : NPR.

Sam Mullet


2011 National Beard and Moustache Championships!


Get your beards ready gentlemen, it’s time to get judged. Hopefully will be an official sponsor of the 2012 campaign, but for now, check it out here:
2011 National Beard and Moustache Championships

The Second Annual $5000 Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships will take place on October 8, 2011 at the Clipper Magazine Stadium, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Competition will take place in five categories, including moustache, partial beard, full beard groomed, full beard natural, and freestyle.