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Expanded Facial Hair Types!

The complete list!

Expanded Facial Hair Types

It’s like a menu of awesomeness


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Beards We Love: Rob McElhenney

If you haven’t seen an episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, you’ve been living under a rock for the last seven years.  The show is awesome…a bunch of Philly degenerates own a shitty bar and fight constantly.  It’s awesome.  The show’s creator, Rob McElhenny not only has an epic beard this season, but he’s also put on about 50 pounds for the sake of comedy.  That’s dedication my friend.


Beards We Love: Bob Ross

I present to you, the Michelangelo of our generation…BOB ROSS!

Bob Ross

And, he was Mormon!

Your Beard of the Day

Captured at The Beards and Moustaches World Championship 2011

The Beards and Moustaches World Championship 2011

From World’s wildest beards and mustaches as seen on MSNBC.

Year of the Beard

This one is great. One year of beard growth…and then removal (argh)!

Mike Commodore – A Beard to Fear

One of the best beards in sports

Mike Commodore, an amazing beard

Wings Sign Commie22 – Detroit Sports Nation.

It’s getting cold out there… may as well do some knitting.

This guy is pretty creative.

How can we not have a post about Epic Beard Man?

Epic Beard Man and the memes that surround him.

Dads are the Original Hipsters Your dad had a beard before you did.

old dad with a beard

Your dad had a beard before you did. It wasn’t a trend or a fashion statement, it was pure function and unbridled masculinity. With his beard, he could fall a tree without picking up an axe. With your patchwork beard, the only thing you can do is attract ironic women who only like beards because they’ve been brain washed by PBR into thinking they’re attractive. You want to know how your dad got your mom? The power of his beard lured her in and then his silver tongue made her stay. So hipster, stop trying to grow your face in, you’re never going to kill it like dad.

The Beard That Freed the Slaves

Honest Abe – prefers his beard sans moustache

Abraham Lincoln head on shoulders photo portrait