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It’s Time For Novembeard!

Hey everyone.  Just wanted to show you what I look like after a few weeks of being cooped up in the house and no desire to clean myself up.  I have an excuse, we just had a baby and I took a few weeks of paternity leave.  Regardless, please don’t hold this shaggy mess of a beard against me, I’m shaving it off today and starting fresh for November.  I encourage others to do the same, we have an awesome shaving kit that we’re giving away to the best Novembeard transformation.  Here are my before-before pics…I’ll upload a clean shaven one later.  These are also on Facebook – check out the link to the right there.

So here I am…you’re fearless co-founder Dwayne.  Fresh off of a few weeks of limited showering and NO trimming/shaving.  It’s been burlier in the past, but this is pretty messy, even by my standards.

Dwayne - Pre-Pre-Novembeard 1

Dwayne - Pre-Pre-Novembeard 2

Christmas in Octobeard! Win an iTunes Gift Card.

Santa Claus on a Motorcycle!
New Contest – $25 iTunes Gift Card

Some rules:

  1. You have to be 18 or older
  2. iTunes code will be delivered via email
  3. You MUST follow us at:
  4. Send out the tweet (below) EXACTLY as it is written.

That’s it, you don’t even need to have a beard!

Here’s the tweet…

Win a $25 iTunes gift card from Beards of the World and @WhiskerWorld. Please RT. More info here:

Oh and just tweet it once, and if you are already following us (thank you)…you can still enter.

Winner will be randomly chosen Friday October 28th at 5PM PST.