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Our Bearded Friends: Sergio

A finely sculpted masterpiece from our friend Sergio. Good work!

Sergio and his beard

Novembeard Entry #1 – Dwayne

So I finally got around to breaking out the trimmer and razor.  Had to do some digging, but I found the tools that I needed.  I’m cleanly shorn and ready for Novembeard!  Here’s what I looked like a few hours ago:

Dwayne - Pre-Pre-Novembeard 1

And here I am now…I feel so naked and vulnerable:

Dwayne Novembeard Day 1

Let the games begin!

Oh, BTW I’m using Everyday for iPhone from here on out to take the daily pic and create the time lapse video.  If you buy the app by tomorrow, they donate a $1 (per download) to Movember. FYI, we have no affiliation with that app or Movember (yet), but it’s a cool application and great charitable cause respectively.

User Submission: (from) Nick

Nick's BeardThanks for the pic Nick…looking good my bearded friend, looking good.  Have fun picking the gum shrapnel out once that thing pops.


It’s Time For Novembeard!

Hey everyone.  Just wanted to show you what I look like after a few weeks of being cooped up in the house and no desire to clean myself up.  I have an excuse, we just had a baby and I took a few weeks of paternity leave.  Regardless, please don’t hold this shaggy mess of a beard against me, I’m shaving it off today and starting fresh for November.  I encourage others to do the same, we have an awesome shaving kit that we’re giving away to the best Novembeard transformation.  Here are my before-before pics…I’ll upload a clean shaven one later.  These are also on Facebook – check out the link to the right there.

So here I am…you’re fearless co-founder Dwayne.  Fresh off of a few weeks of limited showering and NO trimming/shaving.  It’s been burlier in the past, but this is pretty messy, even by my standards.

Dwayne - Pre-Pre-Novembeard 1

Dwayne - Pre-Pre-Novembeard 2

User Submission: (from) Greg

Thanks Greg!!  I know these aren’t you, but they’re awesome beards nonetheless…well…maybe not awesome

Little Jimmy and His Beard and Gun (FAT)

Little Jimmy and His Beard..oh and automatic weapon

Uncle Remus and his beard...and awesome teeth

Uncle Remus and his nice ‘stache…and grade A dental work

User Submission: Martin

Thanks for the upload Martin, love the beard!
Monty Martin Beard
Come on guys, send us your beards…we’ll be choosing randoms to receive prizes!

(Sorry Marty, you didn’t win, but thanks for the pic!)