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Getting Real Edition: D’s Picks

My picks the last two weeks have been a little crappy. OK they’ve royally sucked. I rushed in those picks last Sunday 5 minutes before the National Anthem was sung, but that is no excuse. Our bearded friends deserve better football predictions.

Here’s where we stand:
D’s record to date: 9-10
D’s record last week: 2-2

In celebration of our (almost) 1000 Likes on Facebook, how about we get to .500 again this week?

All lines from Vegas Insider

This is a tricky call.  Chicago is missing Jay Cutler, but they’re at home and their defense is playing great football right now.  KC, led by Tyler Palko (Hail to Pitt) has no chance in Chicago against the Bears’ defense.  I’d love to see the newly acquired Kyle Orton get the start for KC against his old team here, but either way, they lose and by more than 10.  D’s Pick: Bears

Houston is another team hobbled by broken QBs.  They’re down two actually, but somehow I think they will pull this one out.  Call me crazy, but it’s another team with a great defense at home…I think they show up for this one and stop Atlanta.  Arian Foster goes crazy for 150 yds and 2 TDs and Atlanta sputters.  D’s Pick: Texans

Oakland is a hot team right now.  Carson Palmer is proving that he’s a legit QB and their running game has been lights out…WITHOUT Darren McFadden.  Not sure if he’s coming back this week, but even without him, they will beat Miami, in Miami by more than 3 measly points.  D’s Pick: Oakland

Curtis Painter
Curtis Painter grows a manly beard about as well as he wins games.

Let’s not mince words here.  The Colts are terrible this year.  Dreadful.  They’re mixing things up by starting Dan Orlovsky.  Really Indy?  That’s the spark you’ve been looking for?  Hey, they won’t win this game, there is no way…but lose by 21?  This isn’t LSU vs. Kentucky Barber College, the Colts are (barely) an NFL team.  They will not lose by 21.  20, maybe, but not 21.  D’s Pick: Indy

I hate the Redskins.  Jets win by 4.  D’s Pick: New York

Just like the Indy/New England line is too big, this one is too small.  Yeah, Kolb might be back for the Cardinals, and sure, Beanie Wells had 600 yards and 5 TDs last week.  Big deal.  Dallas wins this one by at least 2 TDs.  If you get to see any of this on TV, take a look at the crowd.  Arizona is where people from Texas go to die retire.  Read: Dallas at Arizona is like a home game.  D’s Pick: Dallas

I feel best about the Dallas pick, so that’s my lock of the week.  Second most confident in the Oakland pick.  They are MUCH better than they come off some weeks.  Houston beating Atlanta is a major stretch, especially w/ T.J. Yates at QB, but I feel like that defense is only getting better and will find a way to win this game for them.

Please comment/post your own picks.  We’d love to see them.