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Ginger Beard the Amish Mad Man!

Ginger Amish Bearded Mad Man!

Would be terrifying to bump into this guy in some back alley in Lancaster, PA.

From F’Yeah Beards

Amish Reel From Bizarre Beard-Cutting Attacks : NPR

Amish rebels are on the loose and chopping off beards!

Sam Mullet, father of two of the three men arrested for allegedly going into the home of other Amish and cutting their hair and beards, is seen outside his home in Bergholz, Ohio. Some who have left Mullet’s community have accused him of abuse.

Amish Reel From Bizarre Beard-Cutting Attacks : NPR.

Sam Mullet


Mountain Man to Amish Superstar

mountain man beard
Where’s my axe??

amish beard
Where’s my buggy?

Transformation of a truly burly beard to an Amish style chin strap. Good work beard bro.