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In (Dis)Honor of the Folded NBA Season


Great, so the NBA season is not happening…for those of you who are hoops fans out there, have a look at The Best Beards in the NBA, Position by Position Bleacher Report.

I have to say, Baron Davis does have an EPIC beard.

Disturbing: Boy Scouts of America Grow Beards

Aww how cute…kids with beards.

Boy Scout with Beard

No, it’s creepy…and nightmare fuel.

Follow the link for more disturbing images of 10 year olds with beards…

Boy Scouts of America grow beards | The Mommy Files | an SFGate.com blog.

Your Beard of the Day

Captured at The Beards and Moustaches World Championship 2011

The Beards and Moustaches World Championship 2011

From World’s wildest beards and mustaches as seen on MSNBC.

Do Good – Remember It’s Movember

Movember Image

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

Click here for more information about Movember.

It’s Not All Whiskers Around Here

beer bottle cap

Just a heads up to our new friends, this site isn’t all about beards.  It’s just mostly about beards.  As a gross generalization, we’re assuming that guys with beards are also into sports and beer.  Beards and whiskey go pretty well together as well.  Also, I have a beard and I like to play fantasy football, cards and frequent the casino…so sure, gambling will be covered too.  Seeing that a beard is a hipster requirement, we’ll probably talk about cycling and music that you never heard of as well.  Yeah…let’s be honest here, this is a guy’s blog.

Ooh and cars too…yeah we love cars.

Ooh yeah, guys who like to climb things and sleep in tents usually have beards too…and axes.  Outdoorsy stuff is not off limit either.

In fact, if this thing takes off, I’m thinking we’ll have a huge anniversary party in the woods, complete with blackjack tables, a race track, a velodrome, some pretentious indie bands and of course a rock climbing wall…we’ll have REI, VW, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Jack Daniels and MGM sponsor the event.

Welcome to Beards of the World

Hi Everyone! Welcome to beardsoftheworld.com (BOTW for short). We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or do anything crazy here. We’re going to bring you funny pictures of beards, beard related news and when necessary serious bearded matters. There will also be some (good) giveaways in the next few weeks. Make sure that you subscribe to us on twitter and “Like” us on facebook so that you can be up to date on what’s going on around here.

ALSO, if you have any pictures of beards – funny, scary, gruesome or crazy…send them our way (see that submit link up there?) and we’ll help you with your quest for internet stardom!

Amish Reel From Bizarre Beard-Cutting Attacks : NPR

Amish rebels are on the loose and chopping off beards!

Sam Mullet, father of two of the three men arrested for allegedly going into the home of other Amish and cutting their hair and beards, is seen outside his home in Bergholz, Ohio. Some who have left Mullet’s community have accused him of abuse.

Amish Reel From Bizarre Beard-Cutting Attacks : NPR.

Sam Mullet


Dads are the Original Hipsters Your dad had a beard before you did.

old dad with a beard

Your dad had a beard before you did. It wasn’t a trend or a fashion statement, it was pure function and unbridled masculinity. With his beard, he could fall a tree without picking up an axe. With your patchwork beard, the only thing you can do is attract ironic women who only like beards because they’ve been brain washed by PBR into thinking they’re attractive. You want to know how your dad got your mom? The power of his beard lured her in and then his silver tongue made her stay. So hipster, stop trying to grow your face in, you’re never going to kill it like dad.