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Our Bearded Friends: Sergio

A finely sculpted masterpiece from our friend Sergio. Good work!

Sergio and his beard

User Submission: (from) Nick

Nick's BeardThanks for the pic Nick…looking good my bearded friend, looking good.  Have fun picking the gum shrapnel out once that thing pops.


User Submission: (from) Greg

Thanks Greg!!  I know these aren’t you, but they’re awesome beards nonetheless…well…maybe not awesome

Little Jimmy and His Beard and Gun (FAT)

Little Jimmy and His Beard..oh and automatic weapon

Uncle Remus and his beard...and awesome teeth

Uncle Remus and his nice ‘stache…and grade A dental work

User Submission: Martin

Thanks for the upload Martin, love the beard!
Monty Martin Beard
Come on guys, send us your beards…we’ll be choosing randoms to receive prizes!

(Sorry Marty, you didn’t win, but thanks for the pic!)